To Transform an Island

One of my focuses today is to seriously contribute to making PEI, my beloved PEI, a modern, forward thinking, prosperous and vibrant place. I didn’t always have this focus, the inspiration came to me in a land, far, far away. In 2008, I lived in Tajikistan, in Central Asia. A place so far flung, that 90% of people I talk to didn’t know it existed… and it’s a country! I went there to work in international development, thinking that to “contribute” you had to be something of an evangelist, a missionary, exile yourself and live amongst the poorest of the … Continue reading To Transform an Island

Why a blog?

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a long time for I have a lot of topics that I’m passionate about, and while I don’t want to bore people who aren’t interested, I do want to reach out and share to people who are interested. Subsequently, I would like to get feedback, comments, suggestions from people to strengthen my ideas, my plans and my vision of things. I believe that writing makes ideas more concrete, sharing them makes them stronger, more robust and worthwhile. That in short is the purpose of this blog. Right now, my intent is to … Continue reading Why a blog?