On Personal Branding and Why I’m Writing This Blog

I was reading a newsletter sent by Dan Martell on personal branding, where he writes that everyone should have an online personal brand.

He writes “Regardless if you’re an employee, or entrepreneur – having a legit list of “google able” links demonstrating your passions, personality and interest is a great way to fast track trust and build relationships quicker.”

This is precisely the reason why I wanted to write and blog. I have many interests and passions, ideas and projects. I want to share them efficiently and effectively with people who are intersted in them.

So I want to be able to show people what I’ve done, what I’ve experienced, and in term learn about other people and to create those relationships.

I also want to build partnerships with people who care about the environment, who want to create smart and sustainable development for PEI or for their home town.

As mentioned, I’m also very interested in personal development and fulfillment. I seek to create a worthwhile and meaningful life. I am not perfect at all (ask my girlfriend, or many of my employers), and what I like about myself is that I’m open to learning and thrive to create a more powerful way to be and experience life. I love talking about “what makes people tick” and this is also part of my brand, and what this blog is about.

My brand is about passion, contribution, fulfillment and adventures. And this is what I want to share here.

What are you passionate about? What is your brand?

2 thoughts on “On Personal Branding and Why I’m Writing This Blog

  1. M. je ne savais pas que tu avais travaillé dans le développement international comme moi. Sur la question du Personal Branding je vois que l’on partage beaucoup d’idées. Très intéressant à lire ton blog.


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