Studying The Greats and Elevating Your Own Game

On Wednesday, I watched Lebron James and the Cavs’ win over the Raptors where Lebron was unstoppable as I watched in awe, amazed by not only at his skills but also how he adapts to the defense and uses whatever weaknesses they give him to exploit that to the maximum.

I got inspired. I love studying the “best of the best” in their field.  Since I also play basketball in a local sports league here, I decided to study the greats and check out some Michael Jordan clips, I watched this interview where he says “he would be better than Lebron in his prime”.

What really intrigued me about the interview was his bravado and his unstoppable attitude. He commented that he played in a league that was much more physical than today, and Michael Jordan never stood down, and never made any excuses. He just always found a way to win and he just outplayed and outhustled everyone. And I believe what really sets him apart is his “champion’s attitude”. He thinks like a champion, he works like a champion, he plays like a champion. He was a champion in his mind first and foremost. And I think that, most of all, made him unstoppable.

Following that, I watched some footage from the great Michael Jordan in action. After watching, I saw in action that Michael Jordan was not only skilled at the sport, but I believe it’s his mental game, his confidence that made him unstoppable. I believe Michael Jordan, in my mind, is definitely the best basketball player there ever was.

I channeled some of that spirit when we played last night, and actually played the best games of my life. I believed in myself, and knew my strengths which are a) my level of intensity, and b) my unstoppable energy. In the past, I let my self-confidence get to me OR I’d be worried about “upsetting” someone with my “hard play”. But I think that in sports, just like in life, sometimes you just have to work hard to get results. I realized last night, that I have to not aim to please everyone, but play hard – yet fair – and that got me great results. In sports, you may happen to upset the other team, because you’re playing hard. Just like in life, if you have success in your professional life (successful business or what have you), some may be jealous. One of the things I’m learning and applied last night (thanks to MJ) is to play “my game”, have fun doing it, and get the success I’m looking for. A great leasson, and a great game last night.

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