When You Point Your Finger At Someone, Three Fingers are Pointing Back At You

There is much to be learned from this simple statement and its application.

Since 2013, I’ve been keely interested in taking responsibility for my life and in learning to take stock about where I am, try to find out how I got there, and more important to choose where I want to go.

I realize that I often blame others, whether that’d be in sports, at work or in relationships. I often get furious and don’t see straight. This doesn’t EVER serve me well.

However, this can be turned into a positive. As each of these situations are an opportunity to learn about yourself. Every single time I blame someone else, I look inside of me “What am I responsible for? Why am I lashing out?” I realize that I often lack confidence, and I want to bring others down in order to feel good about myself. One of the things I know is that a lot of theses reactions come from situations in my past, and that certain situations cause emotional triggers and cause me to irrationally respond. I feel that a lot of it goes back to when I was young, and was made fun of/excluded because I was overweight. I know that I’ve been fearful since childhood, starting from at least one singual moment when I was playing soccer.

That being said, I’m not proud that I do this, but I am proud that I’m able to step back and am able to critically look at myself and look to learn from this, move past it and grow. Sure, a lot of kids are mean, they tease, they taunt, they want to position themselves. I think everyone or at least almost everyone gets teased at some moment. But I think the difference is the way that we react to them. I am working to choose power over disempowerment. And the more I look at those 3 fingers pointing at me, and the more I look to take responsibility, the stronger I get, and the less I feel like pointing any fingers: at anyone nor at myself.

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