Say Bye to Fear and Hello to Life

I was recently at a fantastic Acadian singer-songwriter event with my cousins Patricia and Marcella Richard as well as Kit Goguen, Fayo. They played many of my aunt Angèle Arsenault’s songs and their own. Anyway the show itself was fantastic and the venue/size of the crowd made it interactive and intimate.

One of the songs that really stuck out for me was a collaboration from Angèle and Patricia called “Adieu la peur, salut la vie”. It translates to “Say Bye to Fear and Hello to Life”, but sounds so much better in French. Angèle had a gift to find those little phrases that could convey so much in so few words.  These words sound playful and innocent, but they are quite powerful and moving.

I’ve had those lyrics in my head for the past few days, and everytime I start feeling fear about a situation, I recalled this phrase, much like a mantra, and the awareness pushed away some of the fear and I was more present and engaged in what I was doing. I often find myself fearful in social situations, especially with newer people, whereas when I let go of the fear, that’s when I feel the most alive! And happy!

The best teachers I’ve had to let go of fear are… kids! They are fearless, they don’t care what they look like, they dance their hearts out, sing their hearts out. Everything is open to them. That’s one of the many reasons Iove my nieces and hanging out with them.

When one stops and thinks of the power of fear, and the cumulative lost opportunity caused by fear, it starts to become imposing. But the present and future is for us to shape.

What are your fears? When do you hold back? What is the benefit of not having fear in those situations?

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