Why Does Everything Always Happen to Me?

Ever wonder questions such as:

  • Why does everything happen to me?
  • Why am I always surrounded by imbeciles?
  • Why do I always have bad luck in love?
  • Why do bad things just happen to me?
  • Why do I always end up working with unreasonable people?
  • Why do I always end up getting the short end of the stick? Why am I always getting screwed over?

In other words, do you notice certain patterns in your life? I certainly have. And as far as I’m concerned, whenever this happens, this generally points to something happening in myself. I came to this realization 2 years ago, when I was doing this personal growth course. In my view, whenever I ask myself these questions, I see that I am externalizing, blaming, and I still do this quite a bit! That being said, eventually I end up catching myself, and that’s when extra learning happens. For me, one of the recurring questions is: Why do I end always end up getting the short end of the stick? My “unresponsible” response would be to say: everyone is greedy and no one cares about me. But really, what it comes down to is that I don’t speak up for myself, and therefore I end up following someone else’s life purpose, instead of fully being in tune with my own. That’s on me. Whenever I come into awareness, that’s when I can grow personally and professionally.

Do you have any recurring questions that keep coming back? What do you think they are pointing to? What are you missing out on by doing that? What can you gain when you take responsibility for your action?

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