Increasing Your Life Fulfillment With Einstein’s Wise Words

A quote can change a life, inspire or give purpose.

A few days ago, I read a compilation of incredible quotes on success, 101 in total. I recommend to read through if you have 5 minutes!

Albert Einstein’s quote really struck me this time around:

Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value. –-Albert Einstein

Brilliant. Powerful.

I feel like I’ve been selfish in my life recently. Always asking “What can I get out of this? What can this person bring me?”

What I’m slowly learning and what is “common wisdom” is that to truly receive, one must give. In other words, add value to others’ life.

This also reasonates with me professionally, I’ve often been focused on generating ROI, building “successful” companies and “creating successful projects”. I realize that this is short term ego and social status stuff. What success really means to me is the value that I can add to people around me: family, friends, loved ones, and also to my clients at work and also to my community.

For the past few days, this quote has been my leitmotiv, and I feel super energized. I’ve been much more generous with my time, giving without needing to receive anything in return.

The act of being generous and adding value to others’ lives gives you satisfaction, and generally speaking I think that what goes around tends to come around. So really, it’s a winning strategy all around!

My belief is this: Add value in every way possible and success will be begging to hang out with you.

Does this quote reasonate with you? If not, which one does?

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