A Quick Shortcut to Eat More Veggies and Eat Less Junkfood

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We always hear it. The way to health goes through veggies!

I struggle to eat my fair share of veggies. One of the main reasons being that when I want to snack, I use the “path of less resistance”, which means cookies, toast + peanut butter, chips, even fruit, or whatever tasty snack is available to me!

So my question was: How can I make it easy on myself to eat veggies?

The answer: make it accessible and easy!

You’ll find pictures of my system. I have a tray of veggies with hummus (and some nuts), as to have healthy snacks every day of the week.

I definitely eat more veggies and snack less on junk. So far so good! Try it out for yourself! And there’s Drogo my cat, he loves to eat healthy too (his favourite snack is chick pea sprouts!)

2 thoughts on “A Quick Shortcut to Eat More Veggies and Eat Less Junkfood

    1. Hey, I actually got the trays from a Pakistani restaurant in Montreal (my sister used to live in Parc Ex neighborhood). It was used for biryani, and I just took a few and used them for the veggie/nuts trays.


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