How German Homes Maximize Efficiency And What We Can Learn From It

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 12.22.00 PMI’m passionate about being the best versions of ourselves, and efficiency is key in this regard. I’m passionate about this in terms of home heating as well. I dislike wasting energy and in
particular fossil fuels.

This new video explains how Germans heat their homes and how energy efficiency is regulated there. A few highlights:

  1. Smaller homes (1800 sq feet)
  2. Efficient heating system with hot water
  3. Triple pane windows with passive solar energy
  4. Furnace/boiler is always serviced/maximize
  5. Government regulated emissions testing!

My first thought after watching this video is : what is stopping us from putting in place some of these measures? If we start doing things more efficiently, we’ll save time and money that we can then put elsewhere i.e. our families, building better communities, gardening, business, health, whatever!

I just recently bought a house and my first goal is to make it as energy efficient as possible. I’ll keep posted. Anyone have other stories of energy efficiency to share?

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