Fun and Fulfillment: the return of the blog

Hello dear friends,

It’s been a while. I stopped writing about a year ago for a variety of reasons (struggles of varying kinds), I know I have some faithful readers, and I’ve always kept you in mind, preparing this comeback. So thanks for your supportive comments.

So the blog is back, with a rebrand, and an updated “about us” page.

Here is the new stated purpose “My goal is to help as many people (including myself) have fun, be fulfilled in their lives and to do what matters most to them.”

This blog will seek to do so by doing some self-reflecting, looking critically at a lot of things that we always do “because it’s always been that way”, look at new and cool ways of doing things, and really, keep asking ourselves “why are we doing this in the first place?”

Send me a comment to tell me why you’re interested in living a life of fun and fulfillment. And let me know what questions you may have that would be fun for us to explore together. Talk soon

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