SMARTer than a SMART Goal

maxresdefault-2Many of us have heard of SMART goals! (If not check out this link) and how they are the superior goal setting method

In this post, I offer what I believe to be a superior and more meaningful alternative to SMART goals. Here’s a quick breakdown: SMART is good however we all know that our life isn’t just about the head, it’s also about the heart (and the soul). RIGHT goals take that into account. Curious? Keep  reading!


I think there’s a lot of noise out there. And really there is only one true compass : inside you. You are the only you in the world. There’s only 1 of you! So what is RIGHT for you is really what matters, and that’s what I think goal setting should be about : your life, making it better, getting what you want / what is important to you.

Who is to say what is SMART for me? Some people love surfing, and a day without surfing is wasted, while other people consider surfing a waste of time because they don’t like it. So which one is SMART? Trick question : none of them. LOL.

The other problem is we’re doing TOO MUCH!


It’s a goal your mind, body, and soul can get behind.

The RIGHT Goal

R stands for Relevant.

  • Is your goal relevant now in your life value and purpose? Is it right for the contribution you’re making?
  • Does it call you to the highest value? Does it have enough intellect for your mind to buy into?
  • Does it allow you to make the contribution your soul needs to resonate with the goal?

I stands for Indicators.

  • The RIGHT goal should have clear indicators of progress.
  • Your mind, body, and soul hate ambiguity. They love targets they can commit to.
  • If you put a target out there, they’ll go after it ferociously and support you.
  • Dr. Spencer had clear targets when becoming an Olympian, going step-by-step from local competitions to the Olympic trials.

G stands for Gravity.

  • You should have an attraction towards the goal, and the goal should have an attraction towards you.
  • It’s as if you chose each other in a match destined to create something of significance.

H stands for Height.

  • Is there a certain altitude that is significant for you that awakens you to something that matches your capacity?
  • If the goal is too low, your brain will reject it, your body will be insulted, and your soul won’t buy into it.
  • There must be an altitude of significance that resonates with you.
  • You should feel almost a compulsion to pursue this goal.

T stands for Time.

So RIGHT goals are what I want (and maybe what you want).

Source :


So I would argue that RIGHT goals are more useful as they align with you not only in tactics but also in mind, body and soul. It’s the difference between someone saying “I’m going to run across Canada by doing 42 kms a day for a year, and I’m doing it “just because”, no real reason, something to do.” VS Terry Fox who says “I’m going to run across Canada to raise awareness on cancer by doing a marathon a day and bring Canadians together”. The first is SMART, the second one is RIGHT. Thinking of Terry Fox and why he did what he did, and how personal and important to him is inspiring. His RIGHT goal has a WHOLE bunch more soul.

For real.

So considering the fact that all of us have souls, I would suggest we look to update from SMART goals to RIGHT goals.

What are your thoughts? Also is this something that is interesting to you? If so, let me know in the comments and I can do a deeper dive into this field.

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