How To Take the Guesswork Out of Healthy Eating and Feel Great

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I’m really excited for this video, I want to talk about my food journey, if you will. So, basically, how I went from just feeling absolutely terrible about food, and now having full confidence in what I eat and feeling fantastic. I did it with the help of a company called Viome. So, I just want to share a little bit about it. So, the key point of this blog post is this “This new approach allows me to have a specific list of the healthiest foods for me specifically. And this allows me to take the guesswork out of the food equation. So, I have this calm confidence. I no longere need to stress about what I’m eating or not, I know what to be eating and I feel great. 

The Starting Point – Constant Second Guessing and Terrible Digestion

So… so, just as to take a step back, basically, why I started doing this is that I was just very confused as to what was good to eat. You know, there was all these conflicting diets. You know, should we go keto? Should we go vegan? Should we do pescatarian? Mediterranean? So, I found that very confusing. There’s a lot of… there’s a lot of literature, and it was a full time job to try and figure out what to eat. And… and there was contradicting studies as to what is healthy and what isn’t. And there’s certain things that I think we all know. Like, for instance, sugar is probably bad for you, alcohol. Don’t eat too much. Don’t eat too fast. But now the specific foods, that was kind of a problem.

And my situation is that I was… you know, I was spending a lot of time just questioning what I was eating without… so instead of spending time actually eating good foods. So… and my digestion was terrible. I barely had any bowel movements. I had terrible stomach acid, acid reflux. I felt bloated. I slept terribly. So, overall, I wasn’t… wasn’t doing great.

Enter Viome: the Promise of my Personalized Health Optimizing Dite

And so, basically, I discovered this company called Viome and it made me question, you know, what actually is healthy eating? Right? Because generally, I would just prescribe to a diet, okay, so healthy diet, eat healthy a diet, but why is it healthy in the first place? So… so, that’s a really important question is it’s kind of asking going to the fundamentals of things. So, in this case, what is actually healthy eating? 

So, basically this company, Viome, they’re a company in the US. And what they do is that they take a stool sample and they find what’s happening in your gut. And so, there’s a lot of literature pointing to the fact that actually your gut flora there is actually what is dictating your ovreall health outcomes and how you’ll feel and your mood, and actually predictors of disease as well. This is something I want to look into deeper as well, and that you can look for yourself. Look at Viome. They have a lot of interesting videos and things to consider. 

The Key Learning – No Diet Fits All, Personalized and Timely Diets are what’s optimal

But basically, what… what they were stating and that I found interesting is that different people react differently to different foods. So, you know, for instance, like a red pepper is a healthy… is considered healthy food, but maybe for us specifically, it’s not what your body needs, because your bacteria are processing the red pepper in such a way that won’t be beneficial to you. The word they use is pathways. So, sort of like how your… how your body will interpret that and how it will have an impact on your body.

Basically, don’t quote me on th especifics of the science/how it works. Let me speak from epxperience. What I do know is that they’re saying that, depending on what your personal situation is, something will be better than something else. So, for some people, it will be kale and red peppers. Others, it will be onions and garlic. But so it’s not necessarily… it’s not necessarily that one size fits all, and also that it evolves with time. So, for instance, if you avoid a certain food for a while, you can maybe reintegrate it in the future because your microbiome has changed. 

So, this is a really interesting concept that I’m continuing to explore and I want to learn more about. But what I do want to share, what I do know is my own results with this. So, I did the test and they gave me a list of foods. Some are surprising. So, for instance, I gave red peppers was on my avoid list, which you know, for me, is a healthy food. But… but basically, I had a list of foods to superfoods that are specific to me in my situation in that moment. And then there’s specific foods that I need to avoid in this specific moment. And again, this will evolve as I change my diet. I had some supplements as well. 

My Personal Experimentation and Experience

So, basically what I did is I just took this and I just implemented full steam, and the results were… were absolutely drastic. I really can’t overemphasize how beneficial that this process has been. You know, my digestion is up. My mood is up. I feel great. You know, I… I really feel like I’m having the right foods that are really powering me and giving me fuel and allowing me to have a lot of energy throughout the day. I have a lot… a lot more energy, which is incredible!

And I’m sleeping way better than I ever have. I used to wake up, you know, kind of acid reflux kind of stomach acid in the morning, just really not feeling well. So, all that has gone away. And so, I’m just ecstatic about these results!

What’s Awesome? – A Specific List of Foods optimized for ME

Again, what I really love about it is that you have a specific list of foods that are really good for you. And, for me, this makes a lot of sense, because, you know, if you’re… if you’re looking at a different diet that’s out there, you know, it… for me, it is sort of logical that no diet will… will fit… there’s no sort of one size fits all. And so, what… what I like about it is that it’s personalized and unique. Now, basically, of course, the… the argument would be, “Well, you know, they… how do they know what is good for you?” Well, that’s a really good question. I’m curious to know how this company was able to discern what are the right foods for me that will generate the right health benefits. For me, I didn’t sort of question the science. I just went to get primary data for myself. And I can say without… yeah, without a doubt that this was extraordinarily beneficial!

Our Brain is Running Our Body, And Your Gut Microorganisms are Running Your Brain

So… so, yeah. So, basically, if anyone’s interested, please reach out, you want to hear more. Otherwise, check them out, check out their videos. It’s really interesting. The founder, basically, his premise is that everything starts in the… in the gut, the health starts in the gut, and that the bacteria we have, there’s trillions of microorganisms in our gut, and that they actually run the show.

So, it’s kind of interesting that the way he framed it is that the bacteria running the show, and we’re sort of a vessel for them, we’re kind of their servant in a way. So, we influence, we’re impacted by what they decide, kind of thing, or how they how… they react. So, that’s why. The microorganisms we have in our body will actually create disease or reduce disease. So, this is something really interesting that I want to explore more. And what they state is that we can eliminate disease or reduce disease through nutrition, which I think is a really interesting point. And I would tend to believe this because there’s a lot of diseases that we have now that weren’t as prevalent as before. So, there is something really interesting there to explore. 


So, I hope this was interesting. Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments, or if… yeah, and if this is something that appeals to you, I was certainly… you know, for me, it was a little expensive, but I do think that this type of thing is priceless. For me, it’s my health insurance. I… it’s more of a preventative. I think it’s less expensive, plus I have a higher quality of life. So, for me, it’s a… it’s a no brainer. But… but yeah, so hopefully this was is useful and interesting. And yeah, if you see me and you want to chat about it, I will for sure will… would love to chat about it with you.

Alright, well, have a good day. Bye-bye!

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