How to Avoid Tangled Headphones

Bill Murray once tweeted, “How to tie the strongest knot ever: 1) Put some headphones in your pocket 2) Wait one minute.” How true is this! I kept being frustrated at the fact that my earbuds kept being so darn tangled. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? ALL I DID WAS PUT THE EARBUDS MY POCKET FOR 2 SECONDS, AND ALL OF SUDDEN I HAVE A WORLD RECORD FOR TANGLES! It was time for a change! Click here to see the link to the method I’ve been using. Since then I’ve been SUPER happy each time I take out my ear buds they are … Continue reading How to Avoid Tangled Headphones

Want a Quick Path to Prosperity? Start Sharing

Yesterday, I listened to a very interesting report on the “Sharing Economy” on CBC Radio. Audio link + written transcript here I knew about Sharing Economy “Staples” such as Air B&B and Uber, and I did learn quite a bit from report as well. For instance, did you know that there are 80 million power drills in North America. Did you know the average total time they will be used? 13 minutes. TOTAL! For a lifetime! The other fact they bring up is that cars generally sit idle for 23 hours in a day as well. So WHY are we buying … Continue reading Want a Quick Path to Prosperity? Start Sharing