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Why this blog? That’s a good question.

My goal is to help as many people have fun, be fulfilled in their lives and to do what matters most to them.

This blog will seek to do so by doing some self-reflecting, looking critically at a lot of things that we always do “because it’s always been that way”, look at new and cool ways of doing things, and really, keep asking ourselves “why are we doing this in the first place???”

My experience in the past is that I’ve felt like there was something “wrong” with me, that I’m different than most other people. I felt like I didn’t fit in. This experience was painful, and I realized over the years, that it is precisely our diversity that makes this world so interesting, and that it is useful to share this diversity.

I’ve had thoughts about “What is the purpose of life?” If I had to answer it would be to lead and to help other lead a wiser, more purposeful and fulfilling life. So why not explore it a bit deeper, share with others, and have fun while doing it?

I firmly believe that we all have our paths to fulfillment and life enjoyment. I believe we must learn to accept/appreciate what we bring to the table, and recognize that which is unique to us, and this allows us to be open and understand one another.

We all have our unique paths: Some are homebodies, some are parents, some love teaching, others love wandering, some are entrepreneurs, some like to tweak, and some don’t know what they want.  We are all unique, and we all can offer valuable insight to each other, so that we all live more fun, fulfilled and meaningful lives.

What I would like to do with this blog is to explore two things a) what is my path and what insights can I gather for myself b) share these ideas and lines of questioning to help others and also to learn from others. #CircleOfGrowth

I will write with myself in mind, and also with the readers in mind. I know we are all busy, and I value the time anyone dedicates to reading. I will do my best always to make every post relevant to you.

Thanks for reading this far, and looking forward to exchanging with you.