How To Get To 100% Renewable Energy By 2050

In the midst of COP21, and all the talks on climate change, I thought I would write today on the topic of climate change.

I heard the spokesperson for Greenpeace say that we need to be 100% off fossil fuels by 2050, in order to avoid the worst

I started doing my part this week, as I’m looking to create a really energy efficient house (more on that in another blog post). And this got me thinking on a bigger scale:

Can we make Charlottetown or even PEI 100% energy efficient by 2050? 

Major cities, such as Frankfurt, Munich, Sydney and San Francisco have set their own 100% renewable energy targets and plans. In Germany 74 regions and municipalities have already reached 100% renewable energy targets.

Two Canadian jurisdictions who have pledged to do so and who have a plan to execute it as well.

County of Oxford 100% sustainability plan

City of Vancouver 100% 

I figure if Vancouver can be 100% renewable why wouldn’t Charlottetown? Or PEI?

Are you interested on getting on board on such a movement? In PEI or Charlottetown? If so what are your ideas?

I’m seriously thinking of putting a group together to push this agenda forward. There is definitely interest.

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