How to Eat Healthier, Save Time and Save Money

For some reason, I’m always looking for ways to save time and be more efficient. I also am very fond of saving money and I have a life goal of living till 117 years old, and therefore want to be as healthy as possible.

So, I found myself losing a lot of time and energy thinking about food: what to get? what to make? when? I would spend lots of time thinking about it, and no time actually making food, let alone getting the ingredients for it. I also knew that I had “good recipes” except I couldn’t think about them when I needed them! I would ultimately end up most of the time eating “quick food” such as smoothies and eggs, as well as not so healthy peanut butter, chips and the “classic” bread with butter.IMG_0018

I realized that poor organization/planning was the single biggest impediment. That is, until Paprika came into my life.

Paprika is an multi-platform app which does all of the following:

  1. Favourite Recipe Database
  2. Meal Planner
  3. Automated Grocery List Maker.

IMG_0019This App IS the bomb. It is VERY well designed. (I’ve tried several before this one, and I can attest to this one). It has a built in search engine, you look up recipes, add them to your database. Then you make a plan for the week. I typically will look at what I already have, and then choose 3 recipes to make for the week 1 Veg, 1 Fish, 1 Meat.

After that I add it to my meal planner, and I know when I make things, and how much I’ll need to make for leftovers.

Finally, when you add the recipes you can generate a grocery list. It is so well designed that you can select the things you need vs the thigns you don’t need. Also, you can add in things manually. IMG_0020

I strongly recommend this app for anyone who wants to save time, save money, eat well, and feel good about life! I am very pleased with it.

Technology cannot solve all our problems, but I think it can definitely help us in a lot of ways. This is one such occasion.

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