Bill Martin and How to Transform a City in 3 Simple Steps

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 12.36.50 PMSo how does one transform a city in 3 easy simple steps, it may be as simple as

  • Step 1: Have a Vision
  • Step 2: Find out how to implement vision
  • Step 3: Implement vision
  • City Transformed!

I think we as humans spend so much time thinking, planning, reflecting, humming and hah-ing, while it appears that we are much more powerful and can exert much more change than we think. I believe that it is often easier that we think to implement change. I think it requires, vision, a belief in yourself, putting energy and time and seeking the most direct and efficient way possible!

Bill Martin appears to espouse the philosophy that “nothing is impossible” or actualy, that “everything is possible if you can dream it.”  He also carefully selects the words he uses to reflect his philosophy. I recently saw him in a presentation as part of my 21Inc leadership training, and I must say… it was impressive! He wants to propel the City of Summerside to glory through renewable energies. A great strategy in my view.

In short, he mentions that he wants to use Summerside’s power utility as a) an motor for economic development/revenue generation and b) as a means to attract companies to Summerside with cheaper power, and then c) a myriad of super spin-offs.

The city is now exploring options to add on to existing Wind power generation by adding solar power generation.

Bill Martin is applying an entrepreneurial approach to running a city. He’s a magician who is looking to create something out of nothing. And it very wlel may be that Summerside will become a booming, bustling cty before we know it.

I recommend we all keep a closer eye on Summerside in the next few years. I think under Bill Martin, they’re going places!

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